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07 May 2011

A Year Without Rain Make Up Look :)

Heyy sweethearts! :)

So, my friend and I made a make up look by Selena Gomez. We just have fun with those make up. And eventhough, yeahh, I'm not a big fan of Selena (not because of Justin or whateosever), but personally, I think she's so beautiful. Make up on or off, she still beautiful :)

Isnt she look pretty? :) She is.

I searched on Youtube and I found this beautiful girl named Ashley. She made a tutorial about this make up look and I think it's simple and easy to follow. So, I decided to refer this make up look via her tutorial.

Believe me, she is just 15 years old. Ouh yeahh, SHE IS 15. I can't even believe my eyes when the first time I know that she is 15 years old. I mean she is so good in make up and fashion and stuffs. I love all of her videos and she is so down to earth :)

*she looks a like Selena, isnt she?*

And here is my beloved pretty friend! :) Wan Syahira Amra.
Ouh yeah, we did other photoshoot before, if you remember. Read in this entry.

This is cute! Peace yawww! :)

I love her eyes color. Hehe

And this is me.

I'm using jumbo grey glitter eyeliner, if you can see, it actually has the glitter on it. Just a simple eyeshadows color which are white, black, dark grey adn dark brown. Ouh yeahh, light grey for the outer corner of my eyes :)

Gold + brown blusher and nude lipstick. That's all. As simple as that. I know it's not totally same my I tried my best hunny! Hehe I just have fun with it and I love it!

That's all, thanks for reading!

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