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08 December 2011

Dear the ‘beep beep’ on phone, you are annoying.

The beep beep thingy is the vibrate sound on the phone.


However, aku rasa ada kebaikan dan keburukan about this beep beep sound.

Kebaikannya, yeah of course if your phone is on silent mode and if you place your phone on your pocket, you will feel the vibration lah kan. So, senang arh kalau ada orang call or one message received something like that so you will alert about it.

Do you ever place your phone on desk or something and it will vibrate like crazy when the signal comes? The annoying beep beep sound is okay when your phone is on silent. You will know immediately that someone calls you or you have text received and you will answer and reply them. Cool, aye?

Eventhough the beep beep sound is annoying I told you, but still.

For your information I don’t set my phone with the vibrate signal on. I made it OFF. Because I found some retarded thingy about that beep beep.

I can sleep peacefully. I just have to make my phone silent and ignore all of the sounds. The beep beep thingy always disturbs my beauty sleep time!

I just can ignore someone call like you know when you are in a hard time like you both fighting for some stupid reasons and that person just wanna talk to you to make the situation better or just go back to normal, but that person can’t meet you right away and that person just keep calling you like you don’t wanna talk at that time, just keep on your phone in silent mode and the vibrate off or you just can switch off your fckin phone. That’s it.

I’m not always with my phone. If you can’t reach me, that’s why.

The vibration sound will decrease your phone's battery. If you wanna save your phone's battery life, turn the vibration off. True fact.

I watched a movie, and there were a boyfriend and his girlfriend like they were talking to each other. Then the girlfriend just wanna ask something to her boyfriend and suddenly the boyfriend’s phone just so annoying the phone keep vibrating with the beep beep sound. Whenever the girlfriend wanna talk then the boyfriend will be like, “Wait, wait,” and he will ignore the call and the girlfriend wanna talk again and the fckin phone just keep vibrating!

That’s annoying. At the end, that girlfriend was mad and merajuklah kan. That was his boyfriend’s ex who was keep calling and made the phone keep vibrating.

It still annoys me.

I don’t know why I hate that vibration sounds. Uhh, I’m so sorry -.-‘

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