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04 February 2012

That relationships :)


I think everybody would say that their relationship is the awesome relationship ever in the world.

I guess, for happy couple lah kan, hehe

But if you are involve in a problem, risky or an unknown relationship because you keep it secret from others, that’s a different story.

I must say, I have a normal awesome relationship. We are a normal couple like other couple la kan of course. What I like about him is he isn’t only my boy friend, he is more like my best friend and I take it seriously. I can’t be with a person who just like me for my appearance, a person who thinks I’m prefect, a person who doesn’t like my bad behaviour, always wants me to look prefect, goshhhh- Puh-lease!

It’s not about the boyfie-girlfie relationship only, it’s about friendship too. If you can’t accept your friend’s bad behaviour, that’s not a real friendship. Nobody is flawless, nobody is perfect. I have beautiful best friends, but they have their bad habits too. As a real friend, we should understand and accept them for them. Not because they are pretty, always looking good, rich or smart. Sometimes, smart people do silly things too. Comm’on lah, they don’t facing their book like 24/7.

If we look at our self, we are not prefect too. I have some bad habits too and I’m searching for someone who can accept me for me. When I do silly things, when I do something wrong, when I look messy, when I do something that embarrass myself, and that would be a person who still loves me for me. Not for what I’ve done, and for what I stand for.

Just like you love your parent, even though they scold you, they are like bubbling about yourself and your life, you still love ‘em, aye? I know, sometimes it sucks, but everything happen for reason sayang. Your parent membebel because there is something wrong with you lah. Just like my teacher said, “Melayu mudah lupa, sebab tu kena dibebelkan selalu biar ingat,” hehe Sentap mak nak! :D

I’m thankful for what I have now. People around me, they are so damn freaking awesome. My parent, they know me well, even I know sometimes they have problem, but still, I got what I want. They are open about my relationship, and I can share my problem with them.

My best friends, they are freaking funny I tell you! I just can’t meet them and I will be like a crazy girl laughing all the time. They are so freaking hilarious and I’m happy with them. They always know how to cheer me up. But the most important is even though we are like the noisiest students in class, but I love our spirit. They always remind me to study, remind me about homework and tasks given by our teachers. I love that, we can laugh and be the most hilarious people in the school but still we study together and always remind each other about how important study is.

My boy-best-friend. He was like my friend before and now he is my best friend. We were like close to each other and now we are even closer. That’s why he is my boyfriend and my best friend. He knows how I am at class, how hilarious I am with my best friend, he sees my flaws, he knows how to make me smile, he knows how to do sweet little things that make me happy, and he has that spirit to study and we study together too. Yeah man, that’s why, I’m thankful for this relationship.

My teachers. They are like my mentors and my inspirations. IDK what to do without them. Because of them I can learn about life about what might happen in future. They teach me to do new thing and I learn it and I expert in it, that’s such a blessing to have that.

For that reasons, the relationship with Allah is the most important. If they aren’t because of His blessing and willing, I can’t get through all of that relationship. I will never meet them because of Him. I know one day we will separate to reach our dreams, to improve our self. But what I hope is we will not forget each other. I hope, I wish, InsyaAllah.

Ouh well, sorry for my first ever entry for this year. It’s February already and I just got some time to write and update my blog. Uhh, I’m so sorry. I hope I can update often. Pray for me.

Till then, I will talk to you very soon. Wassalam.

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