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29 July 2011

Obesity is a serious issue among teenagers.


I did my speaking test with my MUET teacher, Miss Rohaiza, today. She wants us to tell her about the current issue happened nowadays. So, I decided to talk about the problem of obesity among teenagers.

Normally, we have to talk in front of the audience, but this time, my teacher did a kinda interview like that. We have to sit at teacher’s table and tell her what our topic for the test is. I was the second person who has been tested (kinda).

Here is my text. Reference : New Strait Times.

Nowadays, obesity issue among the students are often discussed. It made parent worry about their children’s health. The cause of this problem might be because of the children or parents who do not care much about what their children eat every day.

Yesterday, I read paper titled as “New Canteen Guidelines to Focus on Calories”. The deputy Education Minister, Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said there will be no ban or restrictions on food sold in school canteen. Instead, the new canteen food guidelines to be implemented soon would focus on calories in each food item to educate pupils on eating right in school and at home.

He said there were suggestions to ban fast food like nuggets and burgers but the ministry had decided to against it.

I agree with the minister because I think it is not about what they are or how many times the food is consumed, but rather, how much calorie intake is needed for each age group. In my opinion, there was no need to restrict food item that can be sold at school canteens.

Any food can be unhealthy. I mean, carbohydrate and protein are good, right? But if we don’t eat the vitamin sources such as fruits san vegetables, it can be unhealthy meal too. It is not about the frequency, but how much calories they take and how much of it that is burnt. The guidelines discussed touched on the calculation of total calories required by each age group on a daily basis.

For your information, this obesity is a big issue, especially for teenagers. In United States of America, the obesity is a part and parcel sensitive and big problem among the teenagers. There are a lot of effects if the teenager has the obesity problem.

They will lost their confident, think to do suicide, feel depressed and stress, cannot focus in studying, has no friend, feel frustrated with themselves and always think negative about the way people look at them, like “I am fat” “I am not beautiful”.

So, that is so important to always think first when you wanna eat a meal. Do not eat at the late of the night, because normally, when we eat before we go to sleep, the food will be not digest as always. We eat because we need energy. If we do not use the energy, it will become as the fat. I recommend you to eat in the right time. Eat 5 meals per day in less quantity and eat more vitamins sources like fruits and vegetables.

It is important to keep maintain the balanced diet and check your Body Mass Index twice a year to prevent and be aware on obesity in yourself.

That’s all from me. Thank you!

The interview.

Teacher: Balanced diet starts at home. How can you suggest educating the parent to starts the balanced diet?

Me: I think the parent should teach their children to eat the right meal. Ouh yeah, I think the moms should prepare the meal for their children and children can bring their own meal. Parents can teach their children to eat the right meal but at school, they do not have their parent. So, they can just eat the meal brought from home which is I think is better than the food at school canteen.

Teacher: The knowledge of the balance diet should be known by whom?

Me: Parents and the students themselves. If the parents know about it, they can teach the childrens about balanced diet. It is important for children to know about the knowledge of balance diet, it is good.

Teacher: Do you know that was an issue where ‘Nasi Lemak’ can cause obesity? From your opinion, why they said so?

Me: From my opinion, I think because ‘Nasi Lemak’ doesn’t has vegetable except a slice of cucumber, normally. So, I agree with the statement. It’s not a balanced diet.

Teacher: Really? Because I’m a big fan of ‘Nasi Lemak’ and I’m not obes.

Me: Hehe, IDK, hormone, I mean, genetic maybe?

Teacher: What hormone I had then? I have a sister, she is not obes, but she is bigger than me.

Me: Is it because of ‘Nasi Lemak’? Hehe

Teacher: No and I have a 10 years old boy cousin who has healthy problem because he is so fat over the group age of himself.

Me: IDK, why the ‘Nasi Lemak’ can cause obesity. ‘Lemak’? ‘Fat’ itself? Hehe

Teacher: Hehe Yeah, fat, isn’t it? Well, thank you.

Me: Welcome much!

Okay, it’s not the specific question and answer but I just typed from what I remember from that speaking test. Sorry teacher if I changed the fact and the way you ask me lil bit, hehe.

Read today’s paper and I found an article about obesity problem again. It is a big issue, isn’t it? The letter said that he became an obesity person because of his love of food and his eating habit. It is so important for us to always think first before eat something and always manage the right time to eat.

That’s all for today. Thank you very much for reading! You guys are so awesome, as always! Hehe Talk to you soon!

Love Like Woe :)

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