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23 February 2013

Kerisauan melampau.


March is coming everyone! Goodbye February, WELCOME MARCH!!! Woohoooooooooooo~~!

or you're NOT so welcome I think -.-'

For some reasons aku suka bulan March (sebab my boyfriend's birthday, hihi), or past years bulan March is just a typical normal month. Tapi bukan tahun ni, bukan for this 2013. Everytime I realize yang bulan March is coming, ladies and gentlemen, trust me, I'm going insane.

Result STPM, people. RESULT STPM! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-

Aku ada kerisauan melampau terhadap RESULT or KEPUTUSAN. Tak kisahlah any test or exam, I'll be like so freaking damn much worry about that -.-'

Kalau dulu masa sekolah, even test pun, aku akan macam risau giler and I ever menangis sebab takut tak dapat perform and be better than my last result. Trust me, to be on top is hard, but to maintain it is HARDER THING EVER. Note that adik adik, akak pesan ni, serious.

I went to the clinic a day before yesterday because my body not feeling that well. I got flu and headache. I THOUGHT it just the symptoms for fever. But, the headache just killed me to death. It hurts my head till I just wanna hentak my head on the wall.

Aku rasa sakit kepala since last Saturday. I thought I just too tired. Tapi kesakitan kekepalaan tu berterusan till almost a week and I just couldn't handle it anymore. Sebab tu I decided nak jumpa doktor jer kan. Mana tahu otak aku ni a shot ker apa ker, ishhhhh-

Then, I went to the clinic. The conversation between me and the doctor goes like this (sort of):

Doctor : Ya, Fadhilla, kenapa? Rasa sakit apa?
Me : I feel this peninglah doktor. Since last Saturday. Dekat belakang kepala ni (tunjuk my kepala yg near to my tengkuk) 
Doctor : Ohh, that's not pening. That's sakit kepala. 
Me : Oh uhhh (muka bengang). Ahhh, yelar, sakit kepala, hihi 
Doctor : Sekarang kerja ke still study? 
Me : Tengah tunggu result STPM around this March. 
Doctor : Trial dapat berapa? 
Me : *I told him my pointer* 
Doctor : Oh, okaylah tu. Boleh ni. 
Me : Hihi, aminn~ 
*then the doctor checked my temperature, my heartbeat, my blood condition and he said everything just fine* 
Doctor : Tak ada fever pun. Temperature okay jer. Anything's fine. Awak banyak fikir ni. Doctor bagi ubat headache jer eh, makan bila perlu. Kalau masih sakit, datang clinic lagi. 
Me : Okay, doctor. Thanks.

Yeah, I don't have fever or anything serious about my head. Just I over thinking -.-'

Dua jenis ubat that doctor gave me.


and Alucid.

Then, after I reached home from clinic that night, terus makan nasi and eat those ubat. Tak ada rasa sakit kepala sangat, rasa sikit tapi tak teruk macam sebelum ni, alhamdulillahhh~

So, I learned my lesson. Don't OVER THINKING, it's can membahayakan kesihatan.

I drink more plain water, eat in healthy way dan kurangkan masa di alam maya.

But, still, aku tetap risau pasal result STPM -.-'

Anyways, hope everything will be alright and I hope my friends and I will get the awesome result for our STPM, aminnn~ !

Thanks for reading, may Allah bless you always! In sha Allah :)

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    huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu T.T
    Hoiii sampai demam ke awakkk kat sana tu
    Do take care yourself kay?
    :) xo