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04 February 2013

REViEW : January 2013 FAVORITES!


This is my first FAVORITE POST EVER and I'm so freaking EXCITED! hihi

So, basically Favorite post ni macam I will show you guys what product I bought on that month I will try them and give them some REVIEW!

It will be beauty products, clothes, favorite food or drink, accessories, favorite songs, movies or ANYTHING yang aku rasa macam best and AWESOME! hehe

Okay, I'm excited enough and let's get started!

Meet my FAVORITES OF JANUARY! *clap clap*

Selalunya aku tak target pun aku shopping kat mana sebab aku jarang shopping. Kalau keluar anywhere and I rasa that product macam best and cantik I will buy them jelar kan. I admit, memang aku ni PEMBOROS you know. Selalu kalau bawa duit tak lebih RM50 sebab kalau bawa duit lebih mesti I will spend them on something yang I will regret later.


So, anything I bought kadang kadang memang aku set nak beli barang tu jer. Tak boleh tengok tengok sangat barang barang yang lain sebab nanti aku terpengaruh lepas tu duit habis! *kesat hingus*

Okay okay! Let's begin!

AVON Simply Pretty : Shiny&Sheer Lipstick in fruit punch
Price : RM 7.90

Personally, aku jarang pakai lipstick. Selalu I will apply my lip balm on. But the reason why I bought this lipstick is beacuse OF THE AMAZING COLOR! Arghhhh- They are sick! ^.^

Warna dia cantik for me. It's not too bright actually, not too dark either. Warna dia macam orange mix with peach something like that. 

The ingredient included in this lipstick is Vitamin E yang akan melindungi dan melembap your lips which is so perfect for me because I have dry lips. Bila korang pakai pun korang akan rasa struktur dia yang ringan dan tak melekit! Yeayy!

AVON Simply Pretty : Dew Kiss Lip Tint in Sugar Peach
Price : 14.90

I have no idea why this Lip Tint is more expensive compared to the Lipstick -.-'

Sebenarnya lip tint ni macam lipstick jer cuma dia lebih macam lip gloss, ada glowing effect sikit. When you apply it on your lips warna dia macam smooth sangat.

Why this is my favorite? THEY ARE NUDE COLOR like duhhh- I love nude lips color *wink wink*

It's good too if you ada bibir kering macam aku ni hah, sebab warna dia lembut dapat melembapkan bibir so it will stay smooth and licin! hihi

Plus, warna lipstick tadi brighter than this lip tint, so selalu aku apply lip tint ni jer untuk make my lips stays smooth :)

AVON Simply Pretty : lolly pop lip balm in Jelly Belly
Price : RM 9.90

What I love about AVON is dia selalu buat PROMOSI!

The price stated is a normal price if they are no promotion, but I got this lip balm for just RM 5.90 if I'm not mistaken and for this CNY aku dapat tahu yang dorang buat THE BIG DEAL PROMOTION and another series of the lip balms which is AVON Simply Pretty Flavor Savers just cost RM 3.50 each! Why AVON? WHY? *sigh*

Anyways, I love this lip balm. Oh, ACTUALLY I love all of the lip balms in this world because they are so helpful for my dry lips!

Yeah, again, the color is like orange nude color sebab memang my favorite pun, hihi Lagi satu, bau dia memang awesome. Bau macam jelly, sedap!

From left to right -
AVON Simply Pretty : lolly pop lip balm in Jelly Belly
 AVON Simply Pretty : Shiny&Sheer Lipstick in fruit punch
AVON Simply Pretty : Dew Kiss Lip Tint in Sugar Peach

This is how those products' color look like. I told you yang lipstick tu brighter than than lip tint. Sebab tu aku selalu apply lip tint, hihi For the lip balm selalu aku pakai malam.

AVON Perfume : Sweet Honesty Purse Concentre
Price : RM15.00

I love this roll-on perfume sebab senang nak bawak anywhere and just put it on my purse and tak payah nak sembur sembur! hihi

Selalu memang aku bawak perfume ni pergi sekolah sebab senang nak apply. Agak agak rasa tak selesa I will apply it on my wrist and my neck and tetiba jer satu kelas bau wangi. AWESOME!

Bau Sweet Honesty ni lembut jer. Ada bau rose plus vanilla, pada aku ahh. Sebab hidung aku yang bau, hehe

MAYBELLINE : Baby Lips in Cherry Velvet
RM 9.90

Okay, to be honest, aku beli benda ni sebab ada perkataan BABY yang refer to Justin's song. THAT'S IT, hihi

I can't smell it sebab benda in dalam packet, tak boleh nak smell or try. So, korang tahu kan ada banyak perisa in this baby lips series, aku tawakal jer bila aku capai this Cherry Velvet favour and guess what? It won't disappointing me! Yeayy!

It's just a transparent one. Ada lagi satu series in this Baby Lips which is Baby Lips color and aku tak try lagi. But so far, I'm so in love with this Lip Balm! 

VASELINE Intensive Care
RM 4.50

Another product for my lips! Yeayy! Vaseline ni 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly yang bagus untuk our skin yang kering. So, you can use this as your lip moisturizer and melembutkan bahagian badan yang kering macam siku, your ankle and other.

I always bring this anywhere in case kalau emergency ker apa kan. Beside this is two in one product boleh jadi lip balm and lotion at the same time. PLUS! Dia lagi murah dari those lip balm. Yang tak best dia tak ada apa apa bau jelar kan. Anyway, I still love it! hihi

GARNIER : Instant Fairness BB Eye Roll-on
RM 24.90

Lately, I'm so in love with Garnier and I'm so obsessed to try all of the products like CRAZY! lol

So, I give it a try on this BB Eye Roll-on. To be honest, this is just another BB cream version of roll-on instead kita selalu jumpa BB cream in tube, kan? Garnier ada jugak BB Cream in tube and I already owned it. But, why don't we give some new member a try, you know?

For me, this BB eye roll-on so helpful because it can cover my dark circle around my eye and it's easy to bring anywhere since it's just like a small pen, hihi

The ingredient included Pure lemon essence and Mineral pigments.

It stated that from the first minute, witness the eye contour area looks : lebih cerah, lebih berseri, lebih rata, kurang lingkaran hitam, kurang tompok hitam, lebih segar, lebih lembut, kurang letih, lebih lembap dan lebih tegang.

Katanya laaa~ Aku baru guna beberapa kali and it's good to cover my dark circle! I think you should give it a try too!

GARNIER : 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Mask
RM 7.90
Aku pernah try this mask last month (on December) and masa tu saja saja jer aku beli nak try. Memang best sebab muka rasa sejuk jer, hihi 

and guess what? I bought it again and it became my FAVORITE MASK! Weehuuuu~

Sadly, satu pack ada satu mask jer. Dia suruh guna dua kali dalam seminggu but I planned to wear this mask once a week jer ahh (memandangkan kewangan amatlah kesempitan sekarang), so I have to buy 4 packs la for a month -.-'

Tak pe ahh, yang penting my muka keep hydrating, huhuu~

Bau lemon je mask ni, sedap. Memang basah ahh muka tapi lama lama rasa sejuk. Apply on your face for 10 to 15 minutes and after that gently remove the mask. Cecair yang tinggal kat muka tu urut urut sikit kat muka macam pakai toner tu. Then, your face will feel fresh! 

Dia kata boleh cerahkan kulit, kita tengok jelar cerah mana muka aku ni nanti :D

Biore : Pore Pack
RM 13.90

Then, blackheads are not awesome at all. So, I decided to give a try on this pore pack and I literally LOVE IT SO MUCH!

In a pack ada 10 strips. Bila aku rasa macam tak selesa I will apply it on my nose and after 10-15 minutes I removed the strips, it feels so awesome! My hidung rasa licin! hihi

But, the clogs will come again after 3 or 4 days. Then apply lah lagi this strips. 10 strips memang boleh tahan sebulan kalau pakai 2 kali seminggu but not too often. Guna selang 3 or 4 hari sekali, okay?

SWEET DOLLY : Body Mist in Love
Price : RM 4.50 (I don't really remember -.-')

This is my forever favorite bady mist actually! Hihi

I used this when I was forteen and I used it for two years. After that I changed my perfume. But you know? Bau perfume kadang kadang boleh ingatkan kita pada certain memories and I personally just bring back my high school memories when I apply this perfume!


What I love about this body mist? It smells not to rough because it's combined with floral and fruity with a little spicy in it. It's a perfume, of course dia wangi laa kann >.<

PUREEN : Baby Wipes
Price : I don't remember the price because I bought it in a promotion pack.
Sorry guys :(

Sejak dua menjak tiga menjak ni aku giler obses dengan baby wipes!

It's good to use this baby wipes to remove your make up. In case kalau aku keluar hang out somewhere, and bila tiba nak solat, it's easier for me to remove my make up quickly with this baby wipes! It's so helpful!

Plus! It contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E yang akan melindungi dan melembap kulit kita macam kulit baby!

Aku selalu jugak lap tangan, apply it on my dry spots area on my body and use it to moisturize my lips.

I totally recommend this to you guys since it's not too expensive and good to remove your make instead you use the make up removal liquid and tissue. This will help you to remove make up and MOISTURIZE your skin :)

AMBI PUR : Gel Fresh in Romantic Rose
Price : I don't remember since I bought it during a new year promotion but
 it costs below RM 5.00.

*sigh* Who doesn't love when their room smells good?

I bought this and I never regret! It smells so good with the romantic rose flavor and it's almost finish, I HAVE TO GET A NEW ONE!

It's like a perfume in a car. Oh, you can put it in your car too but I just put in my room and I love my room more since it stayed in there. 

It smells rose and not to hard. My mom said she can even smell the gel from our kitchen! 

Cool, isn't it? :)

Pastel Pink Ribbon Purse from Mekap
RM 29.90 (I think)

My boyfriend bought this for me. OF COURSE I WILL LOVE IT!

I use this purse right now. I love this purse because it's in pastel color, PLUS in my favorite color ever!


It's quite big for me but I know that's a normal size of a purse. I still love it no matter what because it has ribbon detailing in front of the purse and with a little silver love key chain. LOVE IT MUCH! >.<

Blink Black Leopard Purse
RM 19.90

Goshhhhhhh- I bought this purse a few days after I got the pink purse from my boyfriend! I just can't control myself because it's SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

If you don't know me, I'M SO OBSESSED with anything that have glitters on it and THIS PURSE IS SICK ENOUGH FOR ME! lol

I just bought it and I'm not using it yet, hihi

It's so blink and elegant, and I REALLY REALLY LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Black Leopard Shawl
RM 15.00

Leopard again? Yeah, so when I go out, I will have a matching outfit! Yeay!

It's satin and licin which hard for me to style it because I prefer cotton pashmina more. But, I just give it a try you know? I love the detail. That's why I bought it, hihi

DUTCH LADY : Fresh Milk
Price : I don't remember because, you know, normally the supermarket
won't put the price on the stuffs and the scan thing are damn thing ever?
I just grab it :D

Okay, I just wanna lose some weight. So, I decided to drink milk instead of chocolate. It's good because 2 sajian of this milk contain protein yang ada dalam 2 biji telur, calcium yang ada alam 1 1/2 ikat bayam dan Vitamin B2 yang ada dalam 100g badam.

Tak pasal pasal kau dapat Vitamin B2 sebab minum susu yang ada jugak dalam badam.

Kau nak makan 100g badam ke?

It's good because sometimes makanan yang kita makan tak selalunya ada semua zat yang kita perlukan. Minum susu and you will get  zat yang cukup!

This is my favorite drink for January!

Electronic Pillow
Price : RM 40.00

I don't know apa brand of this electronic pillow but I wanna suggest you this product because it's so awesome!

and I don't know too kalau you guys pernah tahu or nampak this product because memang I have no idea apa brand dia. So, if you guys know it, boleh bagitahu tak?

Apa yang awesome? Pillow ni contains liquid inside it tau. So, after you charge it, the pillow akan jadi panas. Tapi bukannya maximum panas pun. Then, pillow ni bagus untuk kelancaran darah. I selalu letak kat tapak kaki. Bila korang tengah duduk atas kerusi, letak jer kaki kat atas pillow ni. It will help your blood bergerak dengan lebih lancar.

Boleh jugak nak letak kat mana mana bahagian badan, macam kat betis, kat perut, kat paha, anywhere yang you rasa perlu. Sebab memang bagus pillow ni :)

Favorite songs of the month! In case you don't know, JUSTIN BIEBER baru jer release his new acoustic album on last 29th January and guess what? I LOVE ALL OF THE SONGS IN THAT ALBUM!

*over excited*

Okay, the album contains 8 songs from Believe album and 3 new songs which are Yellow Raincoat, Nothing Like Us and I Would.

Personally, I love "Beauty and a Beat" in acoustic version like A LOT! Listen Here

and for the new song, I love "I Would" because it's so catchy and sweet, awwww~ *set as ringtone* hehe Listen Here

My favorite quote of the month is from Tyra Banks. I watched Asia's Next Top Model's commercial and Tyra said,

You have to be beauty inside and out. We don't like mean girls.

Yeah, it means so much. It doesn't matter if you are pretty but your heart isn't. Pretty heart will make you beautiful in outside. Yeay!

I think, that's all about my January 2013 FAVORITES and I wish this post will be my every month post so I will update my blog selalu, hihi

Sorry for my kelemahan and I bukan nak brag or what, I just wanna share and recommend to you about some good stuffs I bought. So, I hope you guys will get some benefit from my post and I will upgrade anything and learn from my mistake :)

I wish we can be better and wiser in everything we will do, aminn~

Till the next post, Assalammualaikummm and thanks for reading! 

You guys are awesome as always! hihikkkk


  1. peminat setia avon nampaknya..
    yg pillow tu my fren use it as the cure for the period cramps...

    1. hihi my mom is the agent for AVON, so yeahhh :)

      ohh really? Bagus jugakkk tuuu ^.^

    2. my mom too..
      tapi baru sign up...hehe

    3. my mom dah lama, since 2 years ago, i love AVON sebab dorang selalu buat promotion yang menjimatkan! hihi <3

  2. Hi! Why don't you try the Avon Simply Pretty Flavor Savers Lip balm? I first saw it on http://www.webbline.com/really-sweet-lip-treat-avon-simply-pretty-flavor-savers-lip-balm/ and tried it after. It reallyadey lips soft and hydrated after :D Love your review BTW!

  3. Dear sister Angelika Fadhilla,
    I'm from Tamil Nadu, India.
    Your blog is pretty:)

    I noticed you've used "Sweet Dolly Body Mist Perfume"
    I our country it is not available.
    My lover loves this perfume a lot.
    Would you please help me to get that perfume...